Shark Vacuums

I recently watch a Shark vacuum commercial that claimed Shark owners will never change belts, that it will never loose suction, and that it is fully sealed. For around 125 dollars the Shark Navigator Lift Away is 13 lbs. For the build and price I would hope that most consumers would understand that they will get what they pay for. At the wholesale level we pay 125 dollars for a vacuum cleaner motor sometimes.

They make a lot of claims. One of the first things they claim is that it is a sealed HEPA system. I have tested many of these with a precision air sensor system from IQ air that tests millions of particulates per cubic feet. This vacuum is worn out after a short period of time and passes a large amount of particulates that are harmful under a year with normal use. It is sad.

See my article about bagged versus bag less vacuums to see why the claim that you will never buy bags again is actually a very negative thing that costs you way more money than you would think.

The pitch sounds to me like a lot of blown up half baked claims. They are also a horrible company to deal with if you have problems or need service. We have tried to help our customers with warranty claims on defective units that need parts replaced by the company and they refuse to work with private vacuum retailers. This is unfortunate and I believe they are leaving a lot of customers in the dust literally and with out good support.

See this article from the federal government on how Shark vacuums were recalled at one point due to fire and shock hazards. Click here.  After reading this then check out their infomercial making these crazy claims. By the way we see broken belts on these units all the time.

A $119 vacuum cannot be made even in China with quality and durability. They are not a long term investment. There will be those that baby their appliances and will make anything work and last but by far most will be done with these in a short period of time throw it away and buy another. I have seen it over and over. Sad. Expensive. Under preforming and unhealthy.

See my article about Warranties and why long warranties do not necessarily mean a durable product that will last the life of the warranty.

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